Danny Baker (1990–1993)
Shane Richie (1994)
Bob Mills (1995–1998)
Liza Tarbuck (2004 Late version)
Win Lose or Draw UK (1)
Win Lose or Draw UK (2)
ITV: 30 January 1990 – 27 February 1998
Win Lose or Draw Late
ITV1: 14 April 2004 – 22 October 2004
Scottish Television (1990–1998)
STV Productions (2004)

Win, Lose or Draw is the game show based on Pictionary and on the American series of the same name where two teams of three draw puzzles to help contestants win money.


Two teams (each composed of two celebrities and one non-celebrity) face-off against each other in a game of sketchpad charades.

The First Three RoundsEdit

One member of the team playing had 60 seconds to draw a person, place, thing or phrase, and all the partners had to do was to guess the solution. When drawing, the drawer couldn't use letters, numbers or symbols; however, the only exception to the rules was that the drawer could write down a word that's part of the answer if any of the partners said it. The drawer could also do "sounds like" by drawing an ear, followed by a clue. After the first 30 seconds, a doorbell would sound. If the guessers could come up with the right answer, the team won money according to how much time it took them to come up with the answer. If time ran out, the opposing team had one chance to guess in an attempt to steal for lesser money.


The values were minimal for the first few series, but increased by the third series. Here's how the teams score:

First :30 Last :30 Steal
First Series £25 £20 £10
Later Series £50 £30 £20

Speed RoundEdit

The final round of the game was called the Speed Round. In the speed round, the drawer had two minutes to draw as many words and phrases as he/she could. Each correct answer was worth £10, and the drawer could pass no more than twice. The team in the lead went first followed by the trailing team; in case of a tie, the team that started the entire game went first.

Both contestants on both teams got to keep the money and the team with the most money at the end of the speed round won the game, and a £100 bonus for the contestant. If the game ended in a tie, the prize was split and each contestant received £50 in addition to the cash already won.

2004 Late Night Era (Win, Lose or Draw Late)Edit

The show was revived in 2004 as a late night program with Liza Tarbuck as the host.

The values were points instead of dollars and they were divided by ten.

This version was more raunchy and adult mannered.

Plus instead of civilian contestants, there were team captains Sue Perkins and Ed Hall.


Teen Win, Lose or Draw

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