Vernon Kay
The Whole 19 Yards
ITV: 17 April 2010 – 5 June 2010
Endemol UK

The Whole 19 Yards is a stunt and quiz game show.


The principle of the game is to test both the contestants mind and physical ability. Four contestants begin at the start and are given a series of general knowledge questions, each relating to the same subject given in that round. If they think that they know the answer, they begin the physical challenge that has been set across the "19 Yards", to get to the buzzer. If they get their question right, they move on to the next challenge but if they get it wrong, it is passed onto the next contestant to hit the buzzer. The round is then repeated with the remaining contestants, with alterations made to the course, known as "twists" that they are not informed of (examples include having less building blocks to use or placing a second buzzer that is unresponsive, known as a "dummy buzzer"). When there is one contestant left at the end of each round, they are eliminated. The format is then repeated itself until one remains to take on the final 19 Yards challenge and the chance to win up to the jackpot of £100,000.

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