The News Quiz is a panel game about the news.

Broadcast Edit

BBC Radio 4: 6 September 1977 – Present

Hosts Edit

Barry Norman (1977–1980)
Simon Hoggart (1980–1984, 1996–2006)
Barry Took (1985–1995)
Sandi Toksvig (2006–2015)
Miles Jupp (2015–Present)


Two teams of two panelists compete. In previous series, the idea was to identify the events of the previous week by asking questions. As of today, this has given way to a general free-for-all where panelists chime in with their own humorous and satirical remarks once the question has been answered. Frequently, they wander off topic. To end each question, the host reads a summary of the events it refers to, usually with a scripted comic punchline, before asking the next question. Usually, the show gets through only two rounds of the panel before the final section is reached. Before the host announces the largely symbolic scores, the panelists read out statements from newspapers and other media which they find amusing.

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