Bob Taylor
The Murder Game titles
BBC One: 29 March 2003 - 17 May 2003

The Murder Game is a murder-mystery-themed reality game show. It is based on the American reality show, Murder in Small Town X.


Ten contestants participated in helping solve a mystery of a murderer in a fictitious town. At the end of each episode, a game would be played entitled The Murderers Challenge. It required two contestants to each go to a given location to find clues. The one who went to the correct location would get a clue that would help open up the murder case further. The contestant who went to the wrong place would be "murdered" himself/herself and out of the game.

The winner was the one who survived and was able to solve the case.


  • 10th Place - Christine Rose
  • 9th Place - Sarita Raval
  • 8th Place - Samantha Matthews
  • 7th Place - Mervin Merchant
  • 6th Place - Meryl Holt
  • 5th Place - Ruairi McNally
  • 4th Place - Richard Sharrocks
  • 3rd Place - Nick Sykes
  • 2nd Place - Melanie Sainz
  • Winner - Andrew Weaver
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