The Machine was a quiz show where contestants were quizzed by a machine.


ITV1: 18 July 2002 – 2004


MultiMedia Arts


"The Machine" (voiced by Carole Machin)


Each week seven contestants would sit in a chair and would be tested on various general knowledge questions to discover who knew the most.

The contestants were introduced with a brief biography and then had 150 seconds to answer questions. They would be given four options and had ten seconds to press the corresponding button. If they got it right they scored points, but if they got it wrong points were deducted. The quicker they answered, the more points they scored.

When time was up The Machine would assess the contestant’s performances, and they were rather harsh to contestants who managed to get minus scores. Although they were rather harsh to al of them really. At the end of the episode, the highest scoring contestant went on to the leaderboard, with the seven highest scorers returning for the final.

In the final, it was more of the same really, and whoever held their nerve and got the biggest score received the star prize of a holiday to a destination of their choice. That is the correct response.

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Mike Brailsford's Appearance

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