Chris Tarrant
Jon Strickland
Millie Clode
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ITV: 21 February - 11 April 2009
12 Yard

The Colour Of Money was a short lived, all-or-nothing game show similar to Deal or No Deal and Golden Balls.

Gameplay Edit

A player comes onstage and is faced with 20 multi-coloured "cash machines" each one loaded with a different amount of money (ranging from £1,000 to £20,000) and the amounts were kept secret from everyone (the amounts were deposited into the machines by independent adjudicators). At the start, the player selects one of 3 "cash cards", each loaded with at least £50,000 or more, and the amount on the card will be the set target for the player during the game.

The player selects a machine, and host Tarrant starts it. The machine starts at zero and slowly counts up by £1,000 steps. As long as the machine doesn't exceed it's limit, the player can shut it off any time by yelling "STOP!", at which point the player banks the amount displayed, However, if the machine reaches it's limit without being stopped, it shuts off on it's own and the player banks nothing for that turn. Upon a machine being stopped, it's total is displayed by allowing it to run until it shuts off.

The player selects up to 10 machines, and must bank enough money to hit their target in order to keep it and take it home. If (after 10 machines are selected) the player fails to do so, or if it becomes mathematically impossible to hit the target, the player leaves empty-handed.

Co-host Millie Clode provides the players with a statistical breakdown in-between plays of the machines (how much a player can bank on average per turn, informing them of their total, and how many machines the player has left to select).

Each hour long episode contains 2 consecutive games.

Trivia Edit

The show was cancelled after 7 episodes (with one unaired) due to low ratings and an extremely negative reception.

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