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ITV: 1984-1988

That's My Dog was a game show where dogs and their owners compete for money and prizes.


Two families and their dogs competed in a series of events fit for the dogs.

Round 1 saw the dogs run through a maze without getting sidetracked by the dog food in the middle. The fastest dog scored 20 points and the other dog scored 10 points.

In Round 2, the families answered seven dog-related questions, each worth 5 points for a correct answer. They varied from breeds of dogs to what dogs do. There were also medical questions about dogs which were asked by a resident vet.

Round 3 involved the dogs going through an assault course. A dog completing the course within one minute received 50 points; otherwise, he/she received 5 points for each obstacle cleared.

In Round 4, the families would be presented with a mystery celebrity's dog and be read clues about his/her owner. The first team to identify the dog's owner scored 20 points.

The last round involved both dogs completing a given task. The teams scored points based on judging by a dog expert on a scale of 1 to 30. The highest scoring team played the Dog Bone-us and the other team's score would be converted to pounds to donate to the team's favorite charity.

In the Dog Bone-us, the winning team tried to get their dog to pick up an object chosen by the owners within 30 seconds for £500; failure to do so donated the team's score in pounds to their favorite charity (out of a possible £155).

International Version

Three years after the show was cancelled, a fondly remembered American version was instituted and produced for The Family Channel.


Derek Hobson and John Viner

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Full Episode from 1988