Jimmy Tarbuck
Sharon Moulden
Tony Schaeffer
Tarby's Frame Game
ITV: 24 May 1987-29 July 1989
Yorkshire Television
Bernstein/Hovis Productions
Columbia Pictures Television
Action Time

Tarby's Frame Game was a game show where two teams of couples try to solve a series of three-word puzzles called frames. A frame is two words with a linking word missing in between. The object of the game is to guess a word that is the missing link between the two words.



In each round, the couples were shown up to three frames each worth a decreasing number of points. The first was worth 30 points, the second was worth 20 points, and the last was worth 10 points. As soon as a couple knows the word they can buzz-in, if they're right, they score the points attached to the frame, if they're wrong or if nobody knows however, another frame with the same missing link was shown. An unlimited number of frames were played according to time.

The losing couples went away with a portable colour television.

Two new couples competed in the first two rounds with the winners of each round playing the super final round. In the super final, couples take turns guessing words in up to three frames. Each correct word won £50 and completing all three frame won a £50 bonus for a total of £200. Again, the round ends when time was called, The couple with the most money won the game. In case of a tie, a £50 tie breaker toss-up frame decided the game. The winning couple won the right to play the bonus round for big prizes.

In series 2 the format was changed where 3 couples competed in 2 rounds instead of the 2 heats and at the end of the 2 rounds the couple with the lowest score was eliminated while the 2 remaining couples played each other for the right to play for the big prizes.

Final RoundEdit

In the final round, while one member of the winning couple was isolated, the other was shown five middle words, and constructed a frame for each word by giving two connecting words before & after each word. When the giving player was finished, the guessing player returned and had 45 seconds within which to complete the frames. Solving all five won a grand prize, but failure won an increasing consolation prize.

Transmission GuideEdit

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 24 May 1987 23 August 1987 14
2 28 May 1988 27 August 1988 14
3 26 May 1989 29 July 1989 8

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