Phillip Schofield
Emma Forbes (1994–1996)
Claudia Winkleman (1997)
Co-host (1994)
Cash Peters
Bruce Hammal (1994–1995)
Enn Reitel (1996)
Caroline Feraday (1997)
Talking Telephone Numbers logo
ITV: 28 February 1994 – 22 December 1997

Talking Telephone Numbers was a live interactive variety game show and sort of a precursor to Winning Lines.


An act would perform for everyone watching, and play a short game that generated a number from 0 to 9. Five digits were selected in this manner, and these were meant to match the last five digits of a viewer's telephone number in any order. Viewers who did would call the show via an onscreen telephone number, and hopefully be answered by one of 96 telephonists. If one of the telephonists answered them, they would become a potential contestant. While the telephonists took in their calls, a pop singer would sing their latest single.

A phoneline was then picked at random, and that viewer would have a chance to win cash. They would then have to answer three questions with numerical answers. Getting them all right won the game; an incorrect answer, however resulted in another line being picked. This went on until someone won the game.

The winner of the game would be given a choice to either take £10,000, or take a cash prize attached to their telephonist (ranging from £1,000 to £25,000); regardless of choice, the telephonist would reveal their value, which almost nobody took.

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