John Leslie
ITV: 23 July 1994 – 21 August 1995
Carlton Television

Scavengers is a science fiction game show.


The Commander of the shuttle-craft Vulture (John Leslie) leads two teams of Scavengers to the stricken cargo ship Cyclops in an attempt to retrieve salvage. Each team of Scavengers is formed from one man and one woman. One team competes in yellow the other in red and the salvage they are attempting to recover is usually marked with their team colours. The Commander and The Scavengers are joined by a female android, played by actress Anna Galvin, who provides directions and tactical information to the team once the game has begun.

Once the teams set foot on Cyclops they have just 51 minutes to explore the ship via a pre-determined route and return to Vulture; any scavenger who fails to return on time is left behind and their teams score is null and void. Along the way the teams face a series of six physical and mental tasks in an attempt collect salvage from Cyclops; each item of salvage having a salvage points value referred to frequently as sp's. Sp's for an individual item of salvage range from 1sp to 50sp and there are typically 100sp available between the two teams for an individual challenge. Each individual challenge must be completed within a strict time limit otherwise all salvage collected is rendered useless and has no sp value.

Twenty teams were divided into two divisions, with each division consisting of five heats and a final. In each heat two teams competed with each other to gain Sp's with their final scores registered on a leader board for that series. The top two scoring teams of the series then competed in the final with much more demanding challenges, the winners from each of the two series finals competed once more to earn the right to become Scavenger Captains.

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