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Title Genre
Sale of the Century Lifestyle
Sam & Mark's TMi Friday Children's, Variety
Say the Word (1951) Radio, Panel Game
Say the Word (1997) Puzzle
Say the Word (2001) Radio, Panel Game (Words)
Scavengers Action/Adventure
School of Silence Children's
School's Out Quiz, Academic
Schools Challenge Quiz, Academic, Regional (North West England)
Score with The Scaffold Children's
Scrapheap Challenge Technological
Scream If You Know the Answer Stunt/Dare Show
Screen Test (1) Children's, Quiz, Themed (Film)
Screen Test (2) Radio, Quiz, Themed (Film)
Screenplay Radio, Panel Game (Cinema)
The Search Reality
Second Guess Family Game Show
Secret Fortune Quiz, General Knowledge, Big Prize
See It, Saw It Children's
Sell Me the Answer Quiz, General Knowledge
Senseless Dating
Sex Bomb Dating
Sexy Beasts Dating
Shafted Big Prize
Shammy Dab Comedy Panel Game, Regional (Scotland)
Shattered Reality
The Shiny Show Children's (Preschool)
Shipwrecked Reality
Shooting Stars Comedy Panel Game
Show Me Panel Game
Show Me the Money Lifestyle
Show Me the Telly Quiz, Themed (Television)
Showbiz Darts Sport
Showbiz Poker Poker
Sick as a Parrot (1) Childrens
Sick as a Parrot (2) Sports
Simply the Best Stunt/Dare Show
Sing If You Can Singing
The Singer Takes it All Variety
Singled Out Dating
Sion a Sian Dating
Sitcom Showdown Quiz, Themed (Sitcoms)
Skate Nation Children's, Sports (Skating)
Skatoony Children's (Animation)
Skull Childrens
The Sky's the Limit Quiz, General Knowledge
Small Talk Family Game Show
So You Think You Can Dance Dancing
Soapstar Superstar Variety
Soccer Brain Regional (North West England), Sport
Something for the Weekend Adult
Sounds Like Music Quiz, Themed (Musicals)
Space Cadets (1) Comedy Panel Game (Science Fiction)
Space Cadets (2) Action/Adventure, Reality
Spellbound Quiz, General Knowledge, Puzzle
Spelling Bee Panel Game
Spin Star Quiz, General Knowledge
Splash! Sport
Splash Camp Children's, Sports
Splatalot Childrens, adventure
Sport Addicts Quiz, themed (sport)
Sport Relief Gets Sub'd Childrens
Sport Showdown Sport, Children's
Sporting Chance Sports
Sporting Triangles Sport
Sports Allrounder of the Year Childrens
Sports Anorak of the Year Sports
Sports Family of the Year Sports
The Sports Quiz with Steve Davis Quiz, Themed (Sport)
Sports Xpert Quiz, Themed (Sport)
Sportscall Radio, Phone-in Quiz, Themed (Sport)
Sportsmasters Sports
Sportyfacts Sports, Regional (East of England)
Spot the Tune Quiz, Themed (Music)
Square One Quiz, General Knowledge
Stake Out Quiz, General Knowledge
Stand by Your Man Dating
Star Choice Panel Game
Star Games Sports
Star Spell Spinoff
Stars and Strikes Sports (Ten-pin Bowling)
Stars in Fast Cars Stunt/Dare Show
Stars in Their Eyes Variety
Starfinder Childrens
Starshot Sports
Starstrider Children's
Steal Family Game Show, Memory
Sticky Moments Variety
Street Striker Sports
Streetmate Dating
Strictly Come Dancing Dancing
Strike it Lucky Family Game Show
SUDO-Q Quiz, General Knowledge, Puzzle
The Sunday Quiz Quiz, Themed (Religion)
SuperAgents Reality
Superstar Dogs: Countdown to Crufts Animals
(The) Superstars Sports
The Superteams Sports
Survivor Reality
Swashbuckle Children's
Sweat the Small Stuff Comedy Panel Game
The Sweepstakes Game
Sweethearts Panel Game
The Syndicate Quiz, General Knowledge