Lennie Bennett
Robin Houston (1983–1984)
ITV: 3 January 1981 – 22 December 1984

Punchlines was a memory quiz show based on an American pilot.


Two contestants (each partnered with a celebrity) competed in a Concentration-type game where they had to match the answers (given by a panel of eight people) to the questions.

Main GameEdit

The game was played in three rounds.

Round 1Edit

To start the round, the panelists each gave a punchline, which served as the answers to seven questions (the eighth punchline was a red herring). The team in control would answer questions by choosing a panelist they thought had that punchline. The contestants and the celebrities took in turns to match the questions. Each correct answer scored 10 points; incorrect answers passed control to their opponents. The round continued until all the questions were answered correctly.

Round 2Edit

This was played just like the first round, except the panelists changed places after they gave the punchlines, with the punchline remaining in the same spot, hence the catchphrase, "Remember what you heard, and where you heard it."

Round 3Edit

In this round, the panelists didn't give the punchlines at the start; they were revealed as the round went on. Also, there were no red herrings. Each correct answer in this round was worth 20 points, and the first team to score 150 points won the game, and that contestant played the prize round. The opponent went home with a consolation prize.

Prize RoundEdit

The winning contestant was given eight more punchlines. Bennett would read a series of eight questions. The contestant had to choose the punchline that matched the question. If the contestant could match seven of the eight questions, they won a star prize; otherwise, they won a prize based on how many questions they answered correctly.

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