Ant & Dec (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly)
ITV: 10 July 2006 – 3 March 2007
Gallowgate Productions
Talkback Thames

PokerFace was a quiz show where contestants did not necessarily need to get the questions right in order to win, and could bluff their way through the game and pressure their opponents into folding in order to win.


On each show, six contestants competed for a prize of £50,000 and a place in the £1,000,000 final.

The show opened with "The Grilling". This was where the contestants were introduced, and told the other contestants about themselves. The viewers could see whether a person was telling the truth or not by the 'TRUE' and 'BLUFF' prompts on the screen. After all six contestants were introduced and grilled, the game began. Each contestant sat in front of a screen, and they could only see their own score.

In Round 1, there were eight multiple choice questions with three possible answers, one of them being the correct answer, worth £500 each. The contestants had five seconds to lock in their answer. After the answer to each question was revealed, viewers at home could see which contestants got it right or wrong by a series of gold ticks and red crosses appearing on the pictures of each contestant. At the end of each round, viewers at home saw the leaderboard, and more importantly, who was in last place. Ant & Dec then asked the contestants in turn how they thought they did in that round.

After the round was finished, the face-off began. The contestants stood in front of red buttons that rose from the floor, and a 10-second countdown started. There were two possible outcomes:

  1. A contestant folded by pressing the button. They would lose their place in the game, but took home with them their winnings.
  2. Nobody folded. The player with the least money would be removed from the game and they would leave with nothing. If there was a tie for last place, then the person who answered their questions the slowest was eliminated.

In either case, the losing contestant was briefly interviewed and asked to justify their decision. The contestant was then shown a leaderboard which revealed how the other contestants were doing.

There were five rounds in total. In each subsequent round, there were just five questions, but the prize money increased by £250 each round.

During the final, the £50,000 won in the heats was used as stake money, and the amount on offer per question was doubled. In the final of the second series, the final countdown for the £1,000,000 face-off was also extended to 15 seconds.

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