Paddy McGuinness
Broadcast (ITV)
Paddy's 2011 Show Telly
29 December 2011
Paddy's 2012 Show Telly
22 December 2012
Group M Entertainment
ITV Studios

Paddy's Show and Telly is a series of two specials where celebrities competed to answer questions about television in the past year for a chance to win £20,000 for their favourite charity.


The celebrities were divided into three teams of two based on a specific programme or genre they are tied to. Each team sat at a different coloured podium (blue, green, and pink). They then competed in three rounds as follows.

Round 1Edit

This round featured a board which contained six different categories. Each team had to pick one of the categories, and thus, answer one major question on the subject. They were then asked three sub-related questions, and overall, could earn up to a total of forty points.

Round 2Edit

This round involved a telly carousel, which contained twelve different video clips from programmes. Paddy would begin the round by starting the carousel, and when it stopped, each team was asked to watch the clip and answer four questions on it. Thus, another forty points were on offer. The team with the fewest points at the end of this round was eliminated.

Final Round: Paddy's PlannerEdit

The two remaining teams would compete head-to-head by answering a series of questions based on programmes featured in an interactive Sky television planner. There were five programmes to choose from, and the team with the most points at the end of this round won the £20,000.

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