Midas Touch featured contestants competing to win £5,000 (supposedly in gold, hence the name of the show).


ITV: 7 June 1995 – 17 July 1996


Carlton UK Productions


Bradley Walsh


Five contestants competed in each edition to win a bar of gold worth £5,000 at the top of a pyramid . Each show had a specific theme.

The contestants started at the bottom of the pyramid where there were five screens, one for each contestant. They would be asked a "guestimation" question based around the show's theme. The contestants would input their guesses on keypads, and the screens would show their answers. The two people who were furthest out would had to play a game to stay in the game.

These games usually involved daft knockabout games involving dressing up, a bit of gunge and possibly some skill. The games were loosely based on the show's theme. The winner would go through to the next round, the loser went home with nothing.

The remaining players were allowed to climb up to the next set of screens on the pyramid, and the process was repeated until there were only two people left.

The final round was the Bank Raid. The contestants had to enter the first number of a code at the bottom level, the second at the level above, and the third at the level above that. They then had to enter all three digits at the next level (if they can remember them) to unlock the gold bar at the top level and become the winner.

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