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Title Genre
The Machine Quiz, General Knowledge
The Mad Bad Ad Show Comedy Panel Game
Mad For It Children's
Mad Mad World Comedy Panel Game
Made For Each Other Dating, Regional (Border)
Maestro Variety
Magic Numbers Variety, Interactive
Make Me an Egghead Spinoff
Make Your Play Phone-In, Interactive
Man O Man Variety
Many a Slip Radio, Panel Game
Mark Watson Kicks Off Sports
The Marriage Ref Panel Game
The Master Game Sports (Chess)
MasterChef Cookery
Mastermind Quiz, General Knowledge
Masterpiece Quiz, Themed (Antiques)
Masters of Combat Sports
Masterteam Quiz, General Knowledge
The Match Reality
Matchpoint Sport, Quiz
May the Best House Win Lifestyle
Mechannibals Technological
Meet the Parents (1) Comedy
Meet the Parents (2) Dating
Memory Bank Puzzle
Mêt am Ddêt Dating, Regional (Wales)
Midas Touch Family Game Show
The Million Pound Drop Quiz, General Knowledge, Big Prize
Mind the Gap Quiz, General Knowledge, Regional (London)
The Mint Phone-In, Interactive
Minute to Win It Stunt/Dare Show
Mission Implausible Stunt/Dare Show
Mock the Week Comedy Panel Game
The Mole Reality
The Moment of Truth Family Game Show
The Monday Movie Quiz Radio, Quiz, Themed (Films)
Mousetrap Children's
Move on Up Quiz, General Knowledge
The Movie Game (1) Children's, Quiz, Themed (Film)
The Movie Game (2) Radio, Panel Game (Film)
The Movie Quiz Quiz, Themed (Films)
Mr Right Reality
Mr & Mrs Relationship
The Murder Game Reality
Museum Quiz
The Museum of Curiosity Comedy Panel Game, Radio
The Music Game Quiz, Themed (Music)
Must Be the Music Reality
My Kind of Music Music
My Little Princess Dating
My Music Radio, Comedy Panel Game, Music
My New Best Friend Comedy
My Word! Radio, Comedy Panel Game
Mystic Challenge Lifestyle