Nino Firetto and Debbie Greenwood
Love Me Love Me Not
ITV: 1988
Anglia for TVS
ITV Studios

Love Me Love Me Not was the British dating game show that makes love go around. It was based on the North American game show of the same name, which in turn was based on the Italian game show M'ama Non M'ama.


Main GameEdit

Two members of the one sex faced a panel of four members of the opposite sex. The main contestants' job was to capture three of the panelists panel while the panel did their best to avoid being captured. Genders change positions from show to show.

Round 1Edit

The contestants took turns picking panelists who each read a true/false statement about love & romance. Each correct answer captured the panelist. The first player to capture three panelists won the game.

Round 2Edit

For the remainder of the game, play went the other way as the captured panelists were asked questions about the winning contestant, each of which contained two possible choices. The panelists were asked the questions in turn, with the contestant choosing who would answer first, and a correct answer lit up a daisy on their podium. The panelist with the most daisies when time was called also won the game. If there was a tie, each of the tied panelists were asked in turn the answer to a numerical question answered by the contestant.

The winners of the game went on a "Chase Around the Daisy".

The Chase Around the Daisy (Bonus Round)Edit

The two winners stood on opposite petals of a giant daisy onstage. The contestant stood at petal #1, and the panelist stood at petal #6. The contestant had one minute (60 seconds) to catch the panelist by landing on the same petal as the panelist. He/She did that by answering true/false questions posed by the host. Each correct answer moved the contestant one petal forward, but each incorrect answer moved the panelist one petal forward.

The game stopped when time ran out, if the panelist captured the contestant (the other way around) via a string of wrong answers, or if the contestant succeeded in capturing the panelist. If the contestant could successfully capture the panelist, both players won a holiday; otherwise, they won nothing.


Saxe, Russell, McFarlane (Still Moving Music)

Vocals by Lynsey De Paul

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