Hosts (Jungle Guides)
Dominic Wood (1999-2000)
Chris Jarvis (2001-2002)
Michael Underwood (2003-2006)
Jungle Run
CITV: 10 September 1999 - 29 November 2006

Jungle Run was basically a children's version of Fort Boyard and The Crystal Maze combined into one show.


A team of three children attempted to complete as many as five challenges. Success at each challenge earned bananas or silver monkey statues (depending on the series). These were worth time for the finale of the episode. Although the value for the bananas was never mentioned, the value for the silver monkey statues was always ten seconds. There was also a bonus item (either a golden banana worth more seconds or a ruby monkey worth twenty seconds, again depending on the series).


Just like in The Crystal Maze, each challenge lasted anywhere from two to three minutes, and they took place in a variety of locations. Some of them took place on swamps and waterfalls, some were obstacle courses or mazes, and some took place outside the studio.

Usually, there were one hundred bananas (early series), or four or five of monkey statues (later series) in each challenge.

Like in The Crystal Maze, however, teams could be trapped if they couldn't complete the challenge; here it was either running out of time in an obstacle course, or failing a game involving cages. The team would have to pay fifty bananas (early series) or two monkey statues (later series) to release the victim.

The Temple of the Jungle King (Endgame)Edit

The time the contestants had for this round was based on how many of the item was earned. Inside, the Temple, there were four chambers; each chamber had a monkey statue (stone, metal/bronze, silver, gold) and four rooms, each with one challenge inside it. Teams had to work together to complete each challenge before moving on to the next one. When a challenge was completed, the door to the next room of the chamber opened. Completing a chamber meant the team would earn prizes of increasing value.

When there was ten or twenty seconds left (depending on the series), a warning sound would be heard, telling the team that they had to leave the temple before time ran out, in order to keep any prizes won up to that point. Anyone who couldn't get out in time would lose any prizes earned (based on the last chamber completed), and would go home with a stuffed monkey as a consolation prize.

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