Greg James
BBC Three: 15 February 2015 - 30 March 2015
Tiger Aspect Productions
Endemol UK

I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse is a horror-themed reality game show in which contestants must survive for seven days in an abandoned shopping centre overrun by zombies set six months after exposure to the "Super-fast 5G Wifi" which for unknown reasons contained a virus that mutated their DNA. It is described as "the toughest reality show on TV".


The uninfected contestants have to make base, secure food, shelter, and safety and complete tasks set by the Army. However, they must avoid the zombies because the slightest touch will result in death. In addition, they should not go near a smartphone at it contains an infection. After seven days, the army will airlift any of the remaining survivors out of the area and take them to a "global tropical quarantine area" (In real life, a grand prize is a two-week tropical holiday vacation).


  • 1st Victim - Luke Shaw
  • 2nd Victim - Thom Oakley
  • 3rd Victim - Kavon Everett
  • 4th Victim - Natasha Maltman (Zombified)
  • 5th Victim - Jonas Zimnickas
  • 6th Victim - Sara Donegan
  • 7th Victim - Jordan Lewis
  • 8th Victim - Jackie McKenzie
  • 9th Victim - Aston Wilkins
  • Survived - Nic Sanderson, Megan Oxtoby, Leah Guttridge, and Amena Jefferies
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