How Dare You! was a children's sketch/game show series.


CITV: 10 April 1984 – 15 July 1987


Tyne Tees Television


John Gorman (All Series)
Clive Webb (All Series)
Floella Benjamin (Series 1)
Cheryl Baker (Series 2)
Carrie Gray (Last Two Series)


Two teams representing their schools took part and played some very silly gunge-filled games while balloons and streamers went everywhere, making this an early version of Double Dare and Fun House. The hosts also took part in some fast-moving and rather zany comedy sketches as a wide variety of characters.

The most memorable part of the show was a segment called "Teach Them A Lesson", where two teachers had gunge thrown over them by the contestants for approximately one minute for no particular reason.

The winning team would receive the coveted star prize of a wellington boot.

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