Hold Tight! was a pop/game show based at Alton Towers.


CITV: 1982–1987


Bob Carolgees (Early Series)
Pauline Black (1982)
Sue Robbie (1983–1984?)
Janette Beverley (1985)
Jacqueline Reddin, Michael Waterman, and Peter Simon (1986)
Barbie Wilde (1987)


The centrepiece of the game show segment was the huge Snakes And Ladders board. Two teams of three children took part, along with one of their schoolteachers. A question would be asked, and the teams would have to find the right answer from a big pile of letters and numbers available. The team that gave the right answer in the quickest time was allowed to advance.

If they moved on to a square with a ladder, they had to answer a bonus question correctly to be able to go up. As usual, the teams had to try and avoid landing on a snake (if they landed on one, they would go down the board if they gave a wrong answer).

There were also various challenges played that would be worth moves on the board for the winner. One round involved teams having to make words, and the final round went back to having to choose a letter or number. The first team to reach the top, or the team who was in the lead when time was up won the star prize.

The pop music segment of the show featured a lot of the big groups of the time performing a hit single on a rather wobbly-looking stage. As it was the early/mid-80s, lots of famous acts appeared, including Depeche Mode, Prefab Sprout, The Thompson Twins, and so on.

For the show's fifth series, there were some slight changes: Peter would introduce the musical acts, and there were also a few exciting stunts and lots of prizes to be won.

For the sixth and final series, there was no game element, and the show was renamed Hold Tight!: The Altons.

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