Nick Owen
ITV: 28 February – 30 May 1989
TVS/Action Time

Hitman was the British version of the American show of the same name.


Main GameEdit

Round 1Edit

Each game of began with three contestants watching a 3-minute story, about a specific topic. Then questions pertaining to that story were asked once it was finished. The object of this round was to climb a ladder by answering five questions correctly. Contestants buzzed in to answer questions; each right answer earned them one Hitman.

The first two contestants to score five Hitman/correct answers advanced to the next round while the third one was eliminated from the game, leaving with only parting gifts consisting of champagne and caviar.

Round 2Edit

To start, a brand new story about a different topic was presented. After the story, each player was given a number of "hitmen" to defend. The contestant who won the first round first was given nine, and the second finisher was given eight. The object for the challengers in this round was to knockout all of the opponent's hitmen. They did so by answering questions pertaining exclusively to the second story.

The first player to knockout all of the opponent's Hitmen won the game went on to play for up to £3,000.

Bonus RoundEdit

The contestant had his/her back to a game board with eight randomly-placed columns, each with a different number of Hitmen. It was up to the contestant to fill each square with a "Hitman" by correctly answering questions about both of the short stories that were presented during that episode.

The contestant was given 60 seconds to fill three columns with "hitmen". The contestant, not knowing how many spaces were in each column, would call out a column, and would be asked questions alternating between each subject. If a contestant answered any question incorrectly or passed on a question, a new column had to be started, and if the contestant returned to a column where he/she missed, he/she had to start over from the beginning. Each completed column was worth £1,000 for a top prize of £3,000.

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Clip of the Show

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