Michael Aspel (1979-84)
Michael Parkinson (1984-92)
Tim Clark (1997)
Sara Cox (2011 special)
Team Captains
Lionel Blair (1979-1992, 2011 special)
Una Stubbs (1979-1986, 2011 special)
Liza Goddard (1987-1992)
Norman Vaughan (stand in for Lionel Blair; 1980)
Christopher Blake and Julie Peasgood (1997)
Give Us a Clue 5
Give Us a Clue 1
Give Us a Clue 2
Give Us a Clue 3
ITV: 2 January 1979 – 4 May 1992
Give Us a Clue 4
BBC One: 10 November 1997 – 19 December 1997
Thames (1979-1992)
Grundy (1997)

Give Us a Clue was a game show centered around the parlor game charades.


Two teams of four celebrities competed in a battle of the sexes charades game. One member of a team was given a title to act out. It could be the name of a movie, book, TV show, play, song, whatever. The 1997 revival used lateral thinking puzzles in the game. Then s/he had two minutes to act it out to convey to his/her teammates. Points were awarded according to how fast they guessed the title. Three points were scored for successful solves within the first minute and two points were scored if they get it after the first minute. If the first team didn't get it at all, the opposing team had a chance to guess the subject for one point.

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