Chris Tarrant
Everybody's Equal
ITV: 7 June 1989 – 22 July 1991
Thames Television

Everybody's Equal was a quiz show whose elements would later resurface on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


An audience of 200 contestants competed in this game. Before the show, the computer would choose the "Four to Follow" (the four contestants who were most likely to do well, although they rarely did).


The game was played in two rounds.

Round 1Edit

Tarrant asked the contestants a series of multiple choice questions with four possible answers. The contestants made their choices by pressing buttons on a keypad. Contestants had ten seconds to answer, and those who chose the correct answer stayed in the game, while the rest were eliminated. This process continued until the audience was reduced to ten contestants or less, or six questions were played, whichever came first (in case of the latter, the ten contestants who chose the correct answer fastest would survive). These contestants advanced to the next round.

Round 2Edit

Tarrant asked the remaining contestants a series of four questions in the same manner as the previous round. Each correct answer was worth £50. After all four questions were played, the contestant who correctly answered the last one first would win the game, and play the endgame.


The winning contestant would be asked one question; this time, however, the contestant had to put the four answers in order. All the other contestants who played the game, would answer the same question. If the contestant could successfully answer the question, they won £1,000. If not, this money was divided among the contestants who did so.


Everybody's Equal would later be revived in 1997 on the then-new Channel Five as Whittle.

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