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Draw It
Channel 4: 5 May 2014-4 July 2014
Victory Television

Draw It! is a short-lived game show based on the drawing game app Draw Something.


Two teams of two (consisting of one celebrity & one contestant) compete in a drawing game for up to £50,000. Even though this is a drawing game show, sometimes the teams rely on scrambled words/jumbles to answer, but that would give them half the money.

Main GameEdit

Round 1: Contestant Quick DrawEdit

The contestant player on the team in control was given three subjects to draw and a time limit of 30 seconds. Each one is from a different level of difficulty (easy, medium & hard). Here's how they score:

Difficulty Value
Easy £100
Medium £200
Hard £300

If the team gets all three without word jumble assistance, the contestant can win up to £600.

Round 2: Quick on the DrawEdit

This is a "Free-for-All" round where six app user submitted drawings were played and recreated by animation. The round lasted for 30 seconds and on each drawing, if a team knows what the drawing is, they can buzz-in to answer. A right answer won money, but a wrong answer gave the opposing team a chance to answer. For the first 20 seconds each correct answer was worth £200, while in the last 10 seconds and with the word jumble activated, each correct answer was worth £100. Up to £1200 was available in that round.

Round 3: Celebrity Quick DrawEdit

In the final round, the celebrity on the team in control had 90 seconds (1:30) to draw as many items as they can with each one being worth £300. On each drawing after 15 seconds have passed, the contestant partner can buzz-in to call for a word jumble.

The team with the most money wins the game and goes on to play "Draw to Win" to double the money.

Bonus Round: Draw to WinEdit

To start the round, the winning team decided amongst themselves to see who would draw and who would guess. Once the decision was made, the drawer had 60 seconds (one minute) to draw three more subjects to convey to his/her partner. Unlike the first round, the partner can only call for one word jumble. Getting all three subjects kept the money, but getting all three without word jumble assistance doubled the money.

Big Money FridayEdit

The two top scorers during the week returned to play in Friday's game called "Big Money Friday" where the money values in the main game were doubled. Also getting all three subjects in "Draw to Win" without word jumble assistance multiplied the winnings by ten. So a potential £50,000 can be won.


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Based on the drawing app game Draw Something.

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