Ulrika Jonsson
Dog Eat Dog
BBC One: 14 April 2001 – 2 November 2002

Dog Eat Dog was a stunt/dare show where people perform zany stunts to avoid being sent to the "Loser's Bench" and trying to win £10,000.


Before the show, six players spent a day together in a training camp. On the show, the six players would be shown a challenge. After Ulrika explained how the challenge works, the players would vote for the one who was most likely to fail. The player with the most votes had to face that challenge. If he/she failed, that player was sent to the Loser's Bench. If he/she succeeded, someone who voted for him/her would be sent to the Loser's Bench in his/her place.

If there was a tie for most votes, then it was broken by the player who was randomly selected before the show in the first round, and by the player who was last sent to the Loser's Bench in each round thereafter.

The game was played in this manner until there were only two players remaining, who would go against each other head-to-head on the final challenge: Stealth. The player who won this challenge became that episode's "Top Dog"; the other was sent to the Loser's Bench.

In the final challenge, the five players on the Loser's Bench had to answer enough questions correctly to stop the Top Dog from winning the £10,000 and split it amongst themselves. A category was shown on a screen, and the Top Dog had to pick the loser who was most likely to get a question wrong in that category. If a loser got a question right, the losers scored one point. If that loser got a question wrong, the Top Dog scored one point. Once a loser was picked, he/she couldn't be picked again. The first side to score three points won the money. If the money was won by the losers, it was split evenly, with each of them receiving £2,000.

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Full Episode from Series 2

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