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ITV: 18 May 2009 – 7 May 2010
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Divided was a quiz show where three strangers had to work together to answer questions unanimously, losing money the longer they argued. It was based on a Dutch show called De Gemene Deler (The Common Parts).


A team of three complete strangers attempted to answer up to 15 questions over the course of five rounds and accumulate as much money in a prize pot as possible. In the first four rounds, each question was either multiple-choice with one correct answer to be chosen from three options, or a list of three items to be placed in a specified order. The fifth round had a single question with three answer options, more than one of which could be correct, and the team had to select all correct answers in order to win the money.

The team had 100 seconds to arrive at a unanimous decision on each question, and the money at stake decreased by 1% for each second that elapsed before they locked in their choice. A correct answer added the remaining money to a prize pot, while an incorrect answer cut the pot in half. If the team got a total of three incorrect answers, the game ended immediately and the team forfeited all prize money.

The payout structure for each round was as follows:

Round Question value Number of questions Lost per second Potential maximum (round) Potential maximum (overall)
1 £3,000 5 £30 £15,000 £15,000
2 £7,500 4 £75 £30,000 £45,000
3 £15,000 3 £150 £45,000 £90,000
4 £30,000 2 £300 £60,000 £150,000
5 £75,000 1 £750 £75,000 £225,000

At the end of each round, the team was given 15 seconds to decide whether to continue the game, or stop playing and divide up the money. If they elected to continue or failed to reach a unanimous decision before time ran out, the next round began automatically.

When the team either completed the fifth round or chose to stop playing, the money in the prize pot was divided into three unequal shares, typically 50-70%, 20-40%, and 10%. Each player was given 15 seconds to state their case to the others as to which share they felt they deserved, after which all three selected the share they wanted. If each player selected a different share, they each received their chosen amount and the game ended. If not, they were given a further 100 seconds to discuss the splits among themselves and try to reach a consensus, with all three shares decreasing by 1% per second. The timer paused briefly after 50 seconds, and the host reminded them that half their money was gone. If the team agreed on a split before time ran out, they received whatever was left of their chosen shares; otherwise, they left with nothing.

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