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ITV: 27 April 1985–23 December 1998
Tyne Tees in association with Cove Productions and Action Time

Contestants with the help of their celebrity partners played crosswords for prizes.


Basically, the game was the same as its American counterpart, except that there were two players (one celebrity and one contestant) on each team instead of three. As in the American version, teams took turns solving words in a crossword puzzle (by virtue of clues), all of which are clues to a master puzzle. Each correct answer keeps control and earns one point per letter in the answer plus a chance to solve the master puzzle for 10 bonus points. Later in the run, teams always took turns whether they were right or wrong.

There were also special rounds in the game:

  • Anagram round - the first letter of every clue word make a key word.
  • Mystery round - finding a keyword after one clue without assistance from a clue word wins the contestant a cordless phone.
  • Song round - all clues were lyrics to a well-known song.

The team with the most points when time runs out, wins the game and plays the same Crossfire round as the American version.

Crossfire roundEdit

The winning team was shown one last crossword puzzle, with 10 words none of which are clues to a master puzzle. The host reads rapid-fire clues to each of the 10 words. Each correct words brings the winning team extra closer to a holiday for the contestant, and if they can solve all ten in 60 seconds or less, the contestant will win the holiday, otherwise the winning player wins consolation prizes.

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