James Bellini (Series 1)
Chris Tarrant (Series 2)
Richard Madeley (Series 3-4)
Cluedo show
ITV: 25 July 1990 – 24 May 1993
Granada in association with Waddingtons Games and Action Time
ITV Studios

Cluedo is a murder-mystery-themed game show. It is based on the board game of the same name.


Each week, a reenactment of the murder at the stately home Arlington Grange of a visiting guest was played and, through a combination of interrogating the suspects (of whom only the murderer could lie) and deduction, celebrity guests had to discover who committed the murder, which of six weapons (not usually the original six from the board game) and in which room it was committed, whilst viewers were invited to play along at home.


Series 1Edit

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock...Stephanie Beacham
  • Colonel Mike Mustard...Robin Ellis
  • Reverend Jonathan Green...Robin Nedwell
  • Professor Peter Plum...Kristoffer Tabori
  • Miss Vivienne Scarlett...Tracy Louise Ward
  • Mrs. Blanche White...June Whitfield

Christmas SpecialEdit

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock...Kate O'Mara
  • Colonel Mike Mustard...David Robb
  • Reverend Jonathan Green...Derek Nimmo
  • Professor Peter Plum...Ian Lavender
  • Miss Vivienne Scarlett...Toyah Wilcox
  • Mrs. Blanche White...Joan Sims

Series 2Edit

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock...Rula Lenska
  • Colonel Mike Mustard...Michael Jayston
  • Reverend Jonathan Green...Richard Wilson
  • Professor Peter Plum...David McCallum
  • Miss Vivienne Scarlett...Koo Stark
  • Mrs. Blanche White...Mollie Sugden

Series 3Edit

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock...Susan George
  • Colonel Mike Mustard...Lewis Collins
  • Reverend Jonathan Green...Christopher Biggins
  • Professor Peter Plum...Tom Baker
  • Miss Vivienne Scarlett...Lysette Anthony
  • Mrs. Blanche White...Pam Ferris

Series 4Edit

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock...Joanna Lumley
  • Colonel Mike Mustard...Leslie Grantham
  • Reverend Jonathan Green...Nicholas Parsons
  • Professor Peter Plum...John Bird
  • Miss Vivienne Scarlett...Jerry Hall
  • Mrs. Blanche White...Liz Smith


Based on the board game of the same name.

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