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ITV: 7 January 1984–26 August 1988
London Weekend Television

Child's Play (not to be confused with the 1980's horror movie franchise or the charity organization of the same name) is based on the short-lived U.S. format of the same name where two teams of adults (consisting of civilian contestants & celebrities) tried to guess words based on definitions given by children.


Round 1

In the first round, a word was given to the viewers at home, and a film clip of a child defining that word was played. Any words that were too incriminating or the answer itself were censored.

Once the clip ended, one player on the team in control had a chance to guess the word; a correct response earned points. If he/she was incorrect, the opposing team viewed a clip of another child defining the same word. If the opponents were wrong, control passed back to the first team, who saw one final clip (usually of a younger child, and the answer usually not that hard to guess by this point). If he/she was still wrong, the correct answer was revealed and no points were awarded. Guessing correctly on the first definition was worth 15 points, the second one was worth 10 points and the third was worth five. Teams alternating control on words.

Round 2 - Triple Play

A player on the team in control had 45 seconds to guess as many words correctly as s/he can. Each word had three written definitions by three different children. After hearing the definition, the controlling player must either supply a guess or hear another definition. If, after seeing all three definitions, the player cannot identify the word, he/she must say "pass" to move on to another word. Each correct word was worth 10 points.

Round 3 - Bonus Round

Each team only gets to play one word. They each saw several children defining the word. After seeing all the kids, the team in control had a guess. A correct answer was worth 50 points.

Round 4 - Fast Play

The final main round was known as the "Fast Play" round. Both teams were given the opportunity to guess what word the child was defining by hitting a buzzer to interrupt the film and guess the word. If the team was correct, they received 20 points; if incorrect, the rest of the clip was played and the opposing team was given a chance to guess.

When time was up, the game was over and whoever was ahead in score was the winner. If there was a tie at the end of the game, a tie-breaking word would be played. If a team buzzed in with the right word, they won the game; if they buzzed in and gave a wrong answer, their opponents won.

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Based on the American game show of the same name.

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