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Kenny Everett
Cleo Rocos
Brainstorm logo.png
BBC1: 16 June – 28 July 1988

Brainstorm was a comedy quiz programme about science.


Four contestants took part, but rather than scoring points as such, correct answers were rewarded with watts, which were also indicated as lights. The more brainpower a player had, the more power his/her score would have. The first round was on the buzzer, with 100 watts for every correct answer.

The second round was Guess The Gadget, where contestants had to guess what an unusual object does. Rocos would put on her lab coat and help out with this part, and there were up to 500 watts on offer for the player with the closest guess. The next round was Brain Scan, where the contestants were picked at random and then individually asked questions for 45 seconds, again with 100 watts for every correct answer.

Rocos would then return with another strange object; this round had Everette would join in and help demonstrate it, and then there would be a multiple-choice question asked about it which could earn another 500 watts. Following this was a round were a guest scientist would come on to a demonstrate an explain a few things, and then a question would be asked about that for another chance to bump up the scores.

The final round was Brain Drain. Questions were asked on the buzzer, in which a correct answer meant the opponents would all lose 100 watts. An incorrect answer meant they would lose 100 watts themselves. This went on until someone had lost all of their power, at which point they would receive a consolation prize of a lightbulb, and were eliminated from the game in rather spectacular style, as after Kenny pulls his plunger they would evaporate into the air, never to be seen again.

The game would then resume, with after a short while a sound indicating 200 watts were at stake, and then 300 watts, until only one contestant remained; that player was declared the winner with the title of "Brain Of The Week", and received a science-based prize.