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BBC1: 1984 - 1988
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Beat the Teacher was a game of Noughts and Crosses where school students play against teachers.


One school student faced a school teacher in a game of Noughts and Crosses, trivia & puzzles. The student played nought and the teacher played cross.

The host asked a series of questions and showed a series of logical puzzles. Correct answers to those questions earned 1, 2, 3, or 4 moves on a game board with rotating cubes. On each cube, two spots are blank, one has a nought and one has a cross. The player in control used his/her moves to spin the cubes around, hopefully to his/her symbol. The cubes displayed the sequence X-blank-O-blank. When making moves, the controlling player could say something like "middle middle two" or "top left one." Each time a line of his/her symbol is completed, s/he scored 10 points. Along the way, a player can play his/her "joker" card to reverse all the squares (from O to X and from X to O); each player can only play it once in a game. If at any point the board was completely filled with Xs or Os, not only the full 80 points was awarded but the squares on the board would be randomized and the game goes on from there.

The player with the most points at the end of the game becomes champion and goes on to play an endgame where s/he had to answer nine questions correctly in 60 seconds to complete the board and win a prize. Each correct answer filled in a square with the winning player's symbol. If s/he complete the board by getting nine right, that player does win that prize.

Contestants stay on the show until they lose or win five days in a row.


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