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Alan Carr
Samantha "Sam" Brown
John Sachs
Broadcast (ITV)
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30 May 2020 - present

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow is a five-part series where five classic game shows are recreated. The shows are:


Play Your Cards Right

Two sets of two (celebrity) couples competed (for charity). Each couple plays the standard PYCR front game; winning a round earns the couple £1,000. The two winning couples from each game then play a seven-card showdown; one question is asked for the option to go first or second; control passing between couples with every wrong guess. Whichever couple wins earns another £1,000 and plays a new Epic Endgame.

In the Epic Endgame, the winning couple faces a pyramid of twelve cards. The bottom row has five, then three, two, one, and one card. Each row is played separately, with the last card of the previous row becoming the base card of the new row; when a row is cleared, the couple could keep the money or play on.

The couple has three change cards to use at any time, and wrong guesses earn strikes; three strikes and they're out. The money is as follows:

Levels Prizes
Level 5 £30,000
Level 4 £15,000
Level 3 £10,000
Level 2 £5,000
Level 1 £2,500

The Price is Right

This show featured civilian contestants, with an exact bid in Contestant's Row earning that player £200. The games played were:

  • Cliffhanger
  • Hole in One
  • Any Number
  • Plinko: Played for up to £5,000 with this board and £4,000 in Series 2 - £50-£250-£500-£1,000-£0-£1,000-£500-£250-£50
  • Pushover
  • Shell Game

The three players closest to each item up for bid got to spin the wheel, in which 100 won £1,000. The winner then played the Epic Showcase Final with a static range of £3,000.


Series 1

The prizes on The Price is Right were:

  • E-Bikes Direct Electric Bike
  • Holiday to Majorca from Travel Republic
  • Wido Coldress Kettle
  • Egg Boiler
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Smarter Coffee Machine
  • TCL 4K Smart TV
  • XBOX One
  • Just Eat £500 Voucher
  • DFS Sofa
  • Homesdirect365 Cabinet
  • Coffee Machine & Beans from Sage Appliances & Caravan Coffee Roasters
  • The Alfresco Chef Pizza Oven
  • Packed Direct Paddleboard
  • Lakeland Breadmaker
  • Dashcam
  • Lumie Alarm Clock
  • Lakeland Air Fryer
  • Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hotpoint Bundle: Washing Machine, Fridge, Freezer, Electric Cooker, Cooker Hood & Dishwasher from
  • GO Outdoors Family Bike Set
  • Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub
  • Fire Mountain Barbecue
  • Moda Furnishings 4 Seat Dining Table & Gas Fire Pit from Moda Furnishings
  • Google Pixel 3 Smartphones
  • Sage Appliances Bundle: Nutri Juicer Cold XL, Blender & Tea Maker
  • Holiday to Dubai from Travel Republic
  • Vauxhall Adam from Evans Halshaw

The prizes on The Price is Right Christmas Special were:

  • Snow Machine
  • Holiday to Vienna from Travel Republic
  • Milk Frother
  • LED Bluetooth Speaker
  • Princess Table Chef
  • Tanita Scale
  • Weekend Break in The Belfry Hotel & Resort
  • LED Rabbit
  • Lexmoto Motorbike & Helmet
  • Ultimare Ears Speaker System
  • BIBO Water Dispenser
  • Swan Appliances Handheld Steamer
  • Princess Smart Fan
  • Fondue Set
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine
  • Princess Robot Vacuum
  • NordicTrack Studio Bike with iFit Subscription & 400 Workout Sessions
  • Pro-Form Treadmill with iFit Subscription & Personal Coaches
  • Roberts Smart Radio
  • ASUS VivoBook Laptop
  • Swan Kitchen Appliances Bundle: Mixer, Toaster, Kettle, Espresso Coffee Machine & Blender
  • Beko American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Smarter Fridge Cam
  • Dreams TV Bed with King Size Mattress & 43" Smart LED TV
  • Holiday to Florida from Travel Republic
  • Vauxhall Crossland X 1.2 SE from Evans Halshaw

Take Your Pick!

This show featured civilian contestants, with the Yes/No gong handled by The Chase's Shaun Wallace. Surviving the Yes/No game moved on to four questions, in which answering three earned a pick of ten keys. Each key opens a box with prizes within ranging from booby prizes (wet wipes, Alan's autograph, half-eaten sandwich, used toothbrush) to major prizes. Alan offers money to buy the key back; refusing all offers earns the player the chosen prize. The player then chooses another key (coloured red, yellow, pink, blue, green, white) for the Epic Endgame. Six coloured boxes are presented, five saying "GAME OVER", the sixth saying "EPIC ENDGAME". The player with "EPIC ENDGAME" faces nine more boxes, featuring three booby prizes but also six star prizes, the biggest being a Toyota Yaris.

The player first chooses one of two mystery boxes, one saying "EPIC WIN", giving him the Yaris and everything in the endgame, the other says "LOSE". They then pick one box from each row of the pyramid, with each row having one booby prize and the rest star prizes. After those three pics, the player can take the three prizes, or risk them to open the box selected at the top of the round.


Series 1

The prizes on Take Your Pick! were:

  • Holiday to Rome from Travel Republic
  • TCL 4K Smart TV
  • £1,000 Treasure Chest
  • Razor Electric Scooters
  • ASUS VivoBook Laptop
  • Odeon Unlimitied Cinema Passes
  • XBOX One
  • PureGym Personal Gym Membership
  • Google Bundle: Pixel 3 Smartphones, Home Mini, Pixel Slate Tablet & VR Headset
  • DFS Sofa Suite
  • Iceland £50 Weekly Food Shop for a Year
  • Lexmoto Scooter
  • Holiday to Maldives from Travel Republic
  • Toyota Yaris from Steven Eagell Toyota

Strike it Lucky

The front game is played the same, but it took two couples to end the round and play a head to head round. The head to head round is played similar to the endgame from the original, with the team having the fewest Hot Spots winning.

In the Epic Endgame, two more rows are added and not all screens were used. Starting at the bottom, one player must strike a screen in each row. An arrow moves them up a row and wins a prize, a Hot Spot or a wrong answer to a question earns a strike; three and the round ends with all prizes lost. Winning is worth a holiday. Here's how many screens were in use for the endgame:

Row Screens
Row #1 10
Row #2 8
Row #3 6
Row #4 4
Row #5 2


Series 1

The prizes on Strike it Lucky were:

  • Daylight Clock from Lumie
  • Couples Golf Lesson from Buyagift
  • £200
  • Smart Speaker
  • Prestige Hampers Luxury Food Hamper
  • Pottery Class from Buyagift
  • Smoothie Maker
  • Holiday to Turkey from Travel Republic
  • Remington Hair Styling Kit
  • £300
  • Soda Stream
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Karcher Pressure Washer
  • Afternoon Tea for 2 from Buyagift
  • Smarter iKettle
  • Sofa & £500 Dunelm Voucher
  • £100 Just Eat Voucher
  • Spa Day for 2 from Buyagift
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Life Drawing Class from Buyagift
  • £250
  • Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Theatre Tickets to Wicked
  • Freesat 4K Box with TV & Home Cinema System
  • Pure Electric Scooters with Locks & Helmet
  • Weekend in Forest from Forest Holidays
  • Tech Bundle: VivoBook Laptops from ASUS, Smartwatches & Smartphones from Google
  • Fitness Equipment: Treadmill, Cardio Gym & Bike from Pro-Form
  • Holiday to Las Vegas from Travel Republic with Helicopter Adventure over Grand Canyon & Tickets to Cirque du Soleil


Three of the rounds are the same as before, but the match is played with four teams instead of three.

The first round, Bully's Category Board was played two teams at a time. Each pair of teams were competing for the right to play Pounds for Points for the right to face Bully's Prize Board and later the new Epic Bullseye Bonus Game.

The categories used were:

  • Famous Alans
  • News
  • Sport
  • Showbiz
  • Science
  • History
  • Books
  • World
  • Britain
  • Spelling

And here's how the players score in this round:

Dart Board

Black Area £50
Red Area £75
Green Area £100
Bullseye £200


Round 1  £50
Round 2 £75
Round 3 £100

The Pounds for Points & Bully's Prize Board rounds work the same way as the original.

The prizes on Bully's Prize Board that night were:

  • Robot Vacuum from Princess
  • Teas Made from Swan Appliances
  • Wend End Musical of 9 to 5
  • Camping Equipment from GO Outdoors
  • Hostess Trolley
  • HIs & Her Smart Watches
  • Flowers for a Year from Prestige Flowers
  • XBOX One
  • London Holiday from Travel Republic

Unlike the original show, the prizes won from Bully's Prize Board were not at risk for the final round which was the Epic Bullseye Bonus Round. In the Epic Endgame, the winning team was faced with four spinning targets, referred to as "The Four Epic Boards of Bully." Each one has a red section which grew smaller for each new target. The object of the game was to throw your dart at the red section and win a prize, with the final prize being a Mini.

The prizes on Epic Endgame were:

  • 4K Smart TV from TCL
  • Bathroom Makeover from
  • Holiday to Mexico from Travel Republic
  • Mini One Classic

Name That Tune

Four contestants compete in this classic game of music identification, for the right to play for £25,000. But regardless of who gets that chance, all winning contestants get to keep any money they would win along the way.

Round 1: Quickfire Hits

The contestants race to see which three of them will name three tunes first. The first three to do that will move on to the next round. The fourth place finisher, would be eliminated from the game.

Round 2: Wall of Music

The Round was played with six categories. The surviving contestants play individually and taking turns naming songs related to the categories and winning money in the process.

The player in control selected a category and a song related to the category was played. Meanwhile as the tune was playing, a money clock ran down. It stopped when he/she hit his/her buzzer to name the tune. A correct answer won the remaining money, but an incorrect answer or no answer won nothing.

Each player got two turns, meaning that they each played two categories. The first three tunes were worth £500, minus £25 for every second it took them to name that tune. The last three tunes were worth £1000, minus £50 for every second it took them to name that tune.

The two players with the highest money totals moved on to Bid-A-Note, while the third place finisher was out of the game.

Round 3: Bid-A-Note

Alan would read a cryptic clue to a song, and the players would alternate bidding as to how few notes they needed to identify the song (as in "I can name that tune in three notes"). The maximum bid is ten notes. Bidding ended when one contestant finally challenged the other to "Name That Tune", or when one player bid one note. After bidding, a pianist's hand would show to play the notes, after which the player had to name that tune. If the player was correct, he/she scored the money for that tune, but if the player could not name it, then the opponent will have a chance to steal by hearing all ten notes. Three tunes are played, with the first two tunes worth £1000 and the last tune is worth £3000.

The player with the most money at the end of this round, wins the game, and goes on to play the £25,000 "Golden Medley" bonus round.

Epic Golden Medley

The object of the game was to name seven tunes in 30 seconds and win £25,000. The champion stopped the clock by hitting a buzzer, which was a cue for the band to stop playing, and could either give an answer, or pass if he/she was not sure. Once all the tunes were played, the champion went back to play the passed tunes (if there were any). Unlike in America/Australia, an incorrect guess does not end the game, it only throws the missed tune out of play. Each correct tune is worth £3000, however if the winning contestant can name all seven tunes before the 30 seconds runs out, s/he wins the £25,000. The maximum grand total for any one player is £32,500.