Jimmy Carr
8 out of 10 Cats
Channel 4: 3 June 2005-present

8 Out of 10 Cats is a comedy panel game based on statistics and opinion pools, and draws on polls produced by a variety of organisations and new polls commissioned for the programme, carried out by Harris Poll.


Two teams, each consisting of a captain and two guests compete.


There have been eight rounds used on the show, but only five of them are used today; the other three were only played in the first series and the Big Brother specials.

Current RoundsEdit

  • What Are You Talking About? – The polling organisation asked the public what they were talking about during the week. The teams have to try to guess the top three.
  • Pick of the Polls – The teams are given four pictures to pick from and are given a poll based on that picture.
  • Believe It or Not – The teams are given a statistic and try to guess if it is true or false.
  • And the Winner Is... – The teams are given a question from a poll and then they try to guess what came on top of that poll.
  • The Poll with a Hole – Each team is given a statistic but it is missing one piece of salient information. The teams have to guess what that piece of information is.

Former RoundsEdit

  • Face Off – The teams had to guess who from a list of famous people came top with respect to a particular topic.
  • Word Association – The teams saw a clip illustrating a word and had to guess the top three things people thought of when they heard that word.
  • What's the Poll? – The teams were given five famous people, picture by picture, and they had to guess which poll they appeared on.

Until the eight series, there were four rounds during the game, but it has since been reduced to three. The points often do not add up correctly, as the show has to be edited to fit in its 26-minute slot. From the ninth series, there is a longer version of the show called 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut, broadcast a few days later.

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