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Giles Coren
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ITV: 8/22/16-present
Wall to Wall

Giles Coren: No help, no hints. nowhere to hide. Just one player, battling to keep control. The pressure is on. This is 500 Questions.

500 Questions is a quiz show that will test the smarts and the nerve of its contestants.


Each game is played two contestants at a time. One, designated the "champion", will answer the questions while the other, the "challenger", watches and waits to take over.

The champion faces one hundred categories with five questions each, ten of which will be used in the game. S/he picks a category and then Giles will either ask a standard question or reveal one of three "special" question types. Once the question is asked, the champion has a limited amount of time (5 seconds on standard questions) to answer the question. The champion can answer as many times as s/he wish within the given time. As soon as the champion gives the correct answer, the clock stops.  If the champion couldn't come up with the correct answer in time, s/he receives a "wrong" (represented by a red "X" on the scoreboard). The champion must be very careful not to miss three times in a row or s/he is eliminated from the game and the challenger takes over.

NOTE: After two "wrongs", the challenger picks the next category. However, if the champion can answer correctly with one or two "wrongs" on the board, s/he is cleared and gets out of danger.

Each correct answer is worth £500. Whoever is the "champion" when all 50 questions are asked gets to keep the money and return for the next show.

Special Questions

  • Battle: The "Battle" question is where both contestants take turns answering the same question which will have multiple answers (always an even number). Prior to the question being revealed, the champion will choose to either lead (answer first) or follow (force the challenger to answer first). Each player has five seconds to give a correct response and only their first response can be accepted. They keep going back and forth until a contract is completed, or one of the players gives no response or an incorrect response. If it's the champion, it counts as a wrong. If the contract is completed, no "wrongs" are taken away or given, and no money is awarded.
  • Lightning Round: Starting with the category selected, the champion is asked ten questions in random order. This time, only the first answer will be accepted. If the champion gives three wrong answers in a row, it counts as a "wrong" against them.
  • Triple Threat: A question with three correct answers is asked. The champion must get all three in ten seconds.


Mark Burnett & Mike Darnell